Friday, July 27, 2012


Random is the name of the game folks.  There's a lot going on inside this little head of mine, and I get to spill it all out for Y-O-U!  Your welcome.

#1 Olympics...I've never been real interested, but since I am probably on my way to competing in some type of running event, I wanna see it ALL this year!  I'm actually trying to figure out how we can watch the opening ceremonies since we don't have cable...anyone wanna have us over?

#2 Speed work...for my entire running career (yes all 13 months) I have never participated in this magical speed work.  I've wanted to incorporate it in my training, but have lacked the motivation to implement it...until Tuesday @ 6.  I met a local running group to see what it would be like.  We ran 8 400m repeats @ a 5K pace, and it was way fun!  It took me a while to get my pace right, and I'm not entirely sure it was where it need to be (didn't have my app telling me my pace), but I could tell I was moving faster than my regular runs.  And glory, hallelujah, the next morning my butt and upper thighs were sore!!!  Best. feeling. ever.

#3's a love hate relationship.  I think that we are all ready to be back in some sort of routine, so therefore, we are ready for school to start.  However, I am not ready for all the things that go with it- early morning wake ups, packing lunches, signing papers, homework, blah, blah, blah.

#4 Races...I haven't raced since May- Flying Pig 10K in Cincinnati.  All of that will change on Saturday though.  I have 2 races back to back.  A local 5K here, and a fun 5K in Louisville- The Color Run!  Then, it's 1 race in August, 2 in September (including a half marathon), 2 in October, 2 in November (including another half), and 0 in December.  I'm slightly nervous about the 5K tomorrow.  My fastest time was a 23:42 and that was the second half of the 10K I ran in May.  For some reason that puts a lot of pressure on me to run that time or faster tomorrow.  YIKES!  Sunday we will be leaving at 4:30 AM...yes, AM- for our Color Run.  Not nervous about that at all.  I am nervous about running 2 half marathons with only 1 month between. I'm sure my body will be 100% cool with that though :)

#5 Pictures for you delight!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eating Clean Is Good For Me!

Yep, that's right!  I'll be honest, I didn't Google what eating clean exactly means...we are rolling with the Jennifer definition.  Here's the deal- when I eat a whole lot of veggies, fruits and greens; some potatoes (white and orange), beans, nuts, and whole wheat grains- I feel sooooo good!!!  

I can't listen to my body's kinda against my whole goal :-(  It wants me to eat cereal, crackers, sugar yummies, processed foods, CARBS!!!!!!!!  Sometimes I have to give in to the cravings, and sometimes that's ok, but 90% of the time I'm on the straight and narrow.

While we were on our cross country trek, we all had to compromise and let go of a few things.  The kiddos didn't have their own rooms to go play in, Kevin didn't have the convince of taking a shower every time a drop of sweat hit his forehead, and I couldn't eat or run like I wanted.  Let's face it- we were basically living out of the back of our Armada! The result was major bloating...and swelling...and complaining!  I felt like a beached whale :-(  Not a good feeling.  It is totally amazing- what you eat really makes a difference!!!!!!  

It took about 2 weeks to get back where I was before we left.  I don't walk around feeling bloated and blah all the time, and my mileage is back to where I want it to be.  So here's my two cents- 1. People eat too much.  It really doesn't take much to fill you up...IF you make the right choices.  2. People eat too much processed food.  If it has more than 5 ingredients, you probably need to make a better choice!  3. People don't eat enough veggies.  They're good folks...I promise!!!!  4. People don't drink enough water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!  And finally, 5. People don't exercise enough!  Get out there and move ain't gonna kill you to get your heart rate up and sweat for a while!!!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazo Confessions

Here's some random Crazo Confessions for you.  These are some, and I stress some, of the crazo things that I do in my life :-)  Maybe you do some too...enjoy!

  • I keep a pile of running shorts, running shirts, sports bras, underwear, and socks on top of the corner of my dresser.
  • I sort my underwear by pairs that work for me when I run and pairs that don't.
  • I wipe down the toilet seat before I sit if I am anywhere but my house and my family's houses.
  • I absolutely will not flush public toilets with my hand.
  • The sheets in a hotel MUST NOT go above my shoulders....and that's if it's a 4 star hotel.  3 star hotels don't even make it on my body!  And FORGET about anything less than a 3 star hotel.
  • I usually need to rinse out my glasses before I fill them up with a beverage.
  • I feel lost without my red aleutian water bottle.
  • The bills in my wallet need to be in order with bigger bills in the back of the stack.  
  • My breakfast is a protein shake- if not, I feel off all day.
  • I cannot wear my running shoes any place except on a run (or to the gym if, and only if, I am going to run).
  • I need to arrive at a race at least an hour before. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weee're Baaaack!

That's right folks- we're back!  On June 28th the Johnson's rolled back into BG!  We had an ah-mazing vacation!!!!!  I can't begin to tell you all the sights we saw, good times we had, memories that were made...and of course the meltdowns (kid AND adults), the name calling (just kids here), and the 5,952 times we heard, "Are we there yet?".  As it so often is, it was great to go and great to get back home!!!   

Those of you that know me, know what a germ freak I am.  Public bathrooms and shady hotels are not among my favorite things.  This trip has cured me of one of those things though- public bathrooms.  I might rename this summer as....THE SUMMER OF THE BAD BATHROOMS.  We encountered more hole in the ground (literally) filled with crap (literally) in 9,000 degree weather (literally) bathrooms along the way.  And when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Leaving the comforts of home and getting out of your routine really makes you aware of how much a person depends on their routine.  It's no secret that we eat healthy, and that I have a slight obsession with running (yes, slight).  Along our adventure out west we tried our best to continue our healthy eats, but when you are eating out of the back of an Armada for most of your meals, convenience come in and sometimes healthy goes out.  Also, over 18 days I only ran 10 miles.  10 miles...that's horrific!  The scale and I are now arch enemies until the number goes down. And I'm still battling with my body on when it needs to eat.  It's crazy how 18 days can alter the way you eat! 

But, all things aside, it was a great time by all. 

Now- let's talk running!  This morning I ran a fun, local 4K.  It was my first 4K ever!  No monetary entry fee- just bring 4 canned food items.  They did have shirts for $5 (I did buy one), and they were really cute.  It began at the local running store that sponsored it, followed a local park path, hooked up with the Greenway, and then ended at the store.  At ever 1K, there was something to do...10 push-ups, 10 squats, and 10 jumping jacks.  The course overall was really hilly and it was already fairly hot out, so I didn't go all out.  There wasn't a timing system, so I have no clue as to what I finished in (believe it or not I didn't run with my phone!!!), but my dad said that I finished towards the beginning of the pack (we left in waves of 20).  It was a fun way to get a few miles in on the 4th!

Let's talk for a few minutes about running with and without the phone.  I always run with my phone...3 reasons.  1. If something happens I have the ability to call someone.  2.  It has my Nike app on it and it tells me my mileage and pace.  3.  My music.  All 3 of those reasons have been really important...until recently.  Since we have returned, I have been running more at the gym due to the heat.  While there, I have been running without music- no biggie- they have music playing there, and there's t.v.s to look at.  Monday, I woke up and headed out before the heat got too oppressive.  I took my phone for reasons 1, 2, and 3, BUT about 3/4 of the way into my run my music got ANNOYING!  It was hot, I was sweating, and I didn't want to hear anything!  So I took my buds out and went solo.  It was good.  I did it again this morning-  it was a fun run, so I wasn't worried about pace or anything and I didn't feel like I would need my music to "pump me up".  Again, good feeling.  I'm not saying I will never run with my phone again, I will.  I like to know how far I've gone and how fast/slow I'm going.  But I do think I'll run more without my tunes. 

Happy 4th y'all!!