Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

So here's how it goes-

I have a training plan on my fridge.  I sorta follow it.  I had some speed work on Tuesday which I replaced with 4 speedy miles.  No biggie.  But then there are days like today, where before I run I formulate a plan...5-6 miles s.l.o.w.e.r.  Nothing fancy.  Then I go out and totally BLOW my plan. 

I have this thing where I can't stand to hear my pace go down during a run.  Start off slow and keep it slow=fine.  Start of speedy and then slow down=traumatizing.  Makes a lot of sense huh?

So my girl (Nike app lady) told me I was running a 9:09 within the first mile.  NOT THE PLAN JOHNSON.  With the muggy weather, I knew it wouldn't be fun keep up the 9:09 pace for 5+ miles.  I tried to will myself to slow down...9:07, 9:05, 9:02...what the heck?  So I ended up with 4 miles at a 9:02 pace.  Not what I was going for. 

I need to work on my pace.  That's my goal after my 10K next Saturday.  Totally pumped about that by the way!

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Rambelings...

Ready, set, ramble...

Some days I just want to do my own thing.  Y'know what I mean?  Wake up when I want to, eat what I want to, sit where I want (for how long I want), talk to who I want to talk to, run when I want to, buy what I want to...gosh the list goes on.  But in reality, how often can (or should) we do that? 

Also, I've always been a people person.  I love to be around my friends!!!  But lately (and lately=the past year) I've been drawn to quiet, family time.  Time where it's just me.  Or just me and my family.  Is it because I'm getting old?  Is God trying to tell me to be still? 

So all this pondering brings me to one of my favorite times of the year...SUMMER!  It is a time when I can do my own thing (within reason).  There isn't a horrific alarm sounding at a horrific time.  I can sit on the couch and wake up, or lounge in the bed.  I can talk to my boys and hubby, mom or friends without rushing.  We can GO SOMEWHERE and not have time constraints holding us back.  I can be by myself (or as by myself as I can be with 3 boys and a hubby).  It is glorious, and I absolutely cannot wait!

 With the impending summer also comes a great anticipation...a trip anticipation.  #1. I love to travel.  Anywhere, anytime.  Pack me up a bag, and put me on my merry way.  I'm good.  So this summer, I have planned a trip out west for my family!!!  YEEEE-HAW!  As June grows closer, my heart just beats a little faster. I can't wait to start gathering things and packing.  I've already made a list of things to pack, Google-ed directions, made a plan for $$$$$...YIPPEE!!!

Moving on to other rambles.

I ran Saturday for the first time with someone.  I was nervous.  What's the proper "running with someone else" etiquette?   I wasn't quite sure. 

 Turns out, I didn't need to worry.  We had a great run and a great time!  I'm telling you...that hour and 45 minutes when by faster than going solo!  It was nice to have someone to chat with along the way.  While I truly treasure my solo runs, I want to make it a priority to run more with others.  It was also my longest run since my half. 

Next ramble. 

I enjoyed some of my hubby's fires.  They were warm and toasty, and the boys and I enjoyed a sweet treat.

For your viewing pleasure-

An out of focus picture of a new Forever 21 purchas!!!.  I always feel slightly out of place in that store.  I don't agree with a lot of the clothing in our society...UMMMMM-  MODESTY LADIES!  But I thought this was way cute! 

So, those are all my thoughts tonight. 

To sum up-
1. I like to do my own thing.
2. I love summer.
3. I love to travel, and can't wait until our summer trip.
4. Running with someone can be fun!
5. Fires + s'mores + kids&hubby= fun times.
6. You can buy a dress at forever 21 & not feel like a prostitute. 

Until next time~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Spring Break & I Can Blog More ;-)

Catchy title huh?  Yes, I know you are excited (all 2 of you) about me blogging more.  That means you get to hear more about my running, or family, or school, or convictions.  Hah!  Any-who...let's talk about running first.  Yesterday I ran after my hubby came home from school- 4:30.  Usually this arrangement doesn't work. 1. I am tired after working all day and just want to crash. 2. It has been crazy hot lately, and I HATE running in the heat!  But since neither of these situations were happening, it worked out nicely.  I had a speed workout on the training schedule, but wasn't feeling it.  Yesterday was the first time running with my phone...meaning my Nike app was on, my music was going, and chick was telling me my pace every 1/2 mile.  I just really wanted to see where I was since my sick-set-back.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear 9:09 at 1/2 mile and then to hear the numbers go down from there!  I finished with a 8:46 average pace for 3.70 miles.  I was happy.  So I did a little temp run instead of speed...I'm cool with that.  Today is a 4 miler. 

So, I thought I might change things up a bit...or copy off other blogs- whatever...and list some things I am Thankful for since it is Thursday and everyone loves alliteration!

1. I am thankful for running.  Even when I hate it, I love it!

2. I am thankful for SPRING BREAK!  Oh, spring break, how I love thee!  Waking up whenever is fabulous; wearing my pajamas all day is superb; leaving the house, not leaving the house, doing whatever=love; being with my 3 boys=LOVE....I LOVE SPRING BREAK!

3. I am thankful for hour long phone conversations with my mom.  You're cool mom, and I love that I can talk to you for extended period of time!!! 

4. I am thankful for my hubby!  Y'all he's pretty awesome!  He's a hard worker, he's a Godly husband and father, he LOVES us!  It's all good :)

5. And lastly I am thankful for my Wednesday night bible study.  Honestly, I wasn't very psyched to go last night but WHA-BAM was it amazing!  Just what I needed.  God's pretty awesome!

So there you are.  5 little things that I am thankful for on this Thursday morning.  Your welcome.

Take some time to reflect on what you are thankful for this Thursday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yes, I Will Run Again...

So tricks on me!  I didn't run Saturday...because I had STREP THROAT.  Happy Easter to you Jennifer...first you will get the flu and feel like death for 3 days, then you will grow a huge white blister on the right side of your throat.  BAHAHAHAHA!!!  (that is supposed to be an evil laugh)  Oh, and your running...BAHAHAHAH (more evil laugh) ain't gonna happen for awhile.  And when it does, it will make you cry.

OK, that may be a LITTLE dramatic...just slightly.  The antibiotic for my strep is working nicely though.  I was able to get up and move around and act human yesterday for almost the whole entire day!  Also, I ate a meal for the first time since Tuesday afternoon.  Yes, I am proud!  I even did some exercises last night..squats, sumo squats (these are way fun!), lunges, crab lunges/squat things...good stuff.

So, this morning the alarm goes off- 3 miles to be done.  I spent a good 10 minutes giving myself a talk.  It went like this, "Get your butt out of bed Johnson.  You've had a week to recover and be sick.  It's running time little lady!"  Yeah, it worked.  I got up.  I ran.  It was not my best.  But...I'm not going to dwell.  I've been sick for 5 days!!!  I'm not going to be as speedy or be able to run as with is lady!  I'm going to run again tomorrow, and each day things are going to get better.  Deal?  Deal!

Here's proof that I am among the living!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Will I Ever Run Again??

Ok, so maybe that title is a little dramatic.  But hey, my legs are crying out brain is going what's up!  But my body, my poor body.  It's just not with the program.  Let me back up a few days and get you caught up on what's been going on around the Johnson house.
Last week- Kevin went on Spring Break & Kevin got bronchitis. I'm sure that was on his Spring Break to do list. 
Friday-Dylan had a gum graft.
Saturday- I ran my half marathon; Dylan was puny; Kevin felt like death; boys had soccer all day.
Sunday- Dylan started running a fever + cough. Kevin started feeling more alive.
Monday- Dylan tested positive for the flu.Tamiflu to the rescue!
Tuesday-Alex woke up with a fever of 101.4. Tamiflu to the rescue! By Tuesday afternoon I had a cough and felt like a bus hit me. Temp at 4:30-99.4.  Temp at 5:30-100.2.  By this time I was shaking uncontrollably and about half out of it.Somehow I drove to Quick Care, sat there for 30 min., saw the nurse practitioner (temp 101.4), got some Tamiflu!, and drove home with out dying (still wondering how that happened!).
Wednesday- Dylan, Alex, and myself were all home from school.  I was zonked out in a fever induced stupor in the bed, while Dylan and Alex were a little more lively in the living room.  Kevin was a trooper.
Thursday- Dylan and Alex go back to school.  I awake from my fever induced stupor to drag my butt to the couch.  I finally decide maybe I should try to eat something, since I hadn't since Tuesday afternoon...blah to food!
Today- Landen wakes up with a 100.4 fever and guess what Kevin goes to pick up...YES! TAMI-FREAKING-FLU!  By this time the nurse at our pediatrician's office is laughing when my husband calls her.  Of course, by lunch time he is running around like a mad man...WHAT?!  I am still down and out...barely able to function coherently, and he's running around like a wild man.  How is that even right?  Yes, my aches are gone, my fever is gone, but yes, my cough is still here, my head is still hurting, my nose is stopped up, and my stomach is rolling...blah to food.
Tomorrow my goals are to:
1. Be in a vertical position more than a horizontal position.
2. Eat more than 2 bites.
3. Put one foot in front of the other in rapid succession.  I think some people call it running.
4. Get out of the house & among the living.
5. Get my boys some Easter goodies.
Gosh, I'm tired just writing those.  That's a lot to accomplish.  I hope I make it!