Thursday, July 28, 2011


Balance...simple word, but sometimes can be a hard concept! Here it is less than a week before school starts, and I kinda feel like my life is about to change-like it does every fall. Over the summer we get in a routine of staying up late, sleeping l-a-t-e, eating whatever whenever, staying at the pool all day, running errands whenever the spirit moved us, lounging on the couch, playing the Wii with the kids, cat napping, running, hitting up the gym, working my tail off in spin class...on and on it goes!!

So here comes school...8 hour + days that will take over our life!!! I am wondering how am I going to fit in some of the fun stuff we have been enjoying. I am determined to still make it to spin class 2 days a week. The other 5 need to be run days (with a day of rest of course!!!). Dinner will need to be cooked, homework (YUCK!) will need to be completed, attention given to kiddos and hubby, papers/lesson plans will need adjusting, and my sanity will need some attention too! Also, my faith is a huge part of my life, and I don't want to give God my last and little bit...I want Him to have my first and all. How to get it all in? How do you stay balanced?

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Griswald Family Camping Trip

I'd like to think that we are an outdoor kinda know-boating, camping, hiking, etc. So Thursday we took off for an adventure at Land Between the Lakes.

We had a great campsite right on the lake (the lake is to the right of our tent) that was patrolled nightly by a skunk.
There was a beach area a short walk away from the campsite where the boys had a blast!!

I got some good shots of the the sunset :)

And the boys got to see and do some cool things!! There was a neat Creepy Crawly exhibit set up Saturday that they were wild about!! Touching snakes and snapping turtles, and pulling web out of a spiders spinnerets are all pretty cool things :)

We all had such a good time, and I'm so glad we decided to go...even if it was a little Griswaldish at times :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spinning- My NEW Love!!!

Ok, so first I got on a running kick (which I am still on, thank you very much!). My running kick rubbed off on my hubby, who started biking in the evenings. Then we joined our local gym!! At first I was just working on the the elliptical machine on my off running days, but then one of my good friends convinced me to go to a spinning class...I LOVED IT!!! What a super great workout! I have been 3 times and have had 3 different teachers (due to the main one being on vacation), and I am amazed at how everyone switches it up a bit and brings their own personality.

My mom and I were chatting on the phone on my drive home from the gym and we both agreed at how an intense workout it almost addictive! There's such a high after you finish a hard run, or a fast paced spin's awesome!!! I just hope I can continue these good habits once schools starts. Cross your fingers for me :)