Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short & Sweet

Yep, that was it...short & sweet. We met today at 4:00 to close on our land, and we were out by 4:30. Pretty painless (well if you call departing with a large amount of money painless) and waaaaay faster than I thought! So now we can put that on the back burner for awhile and focus on the upcoming event..................drumroll please...........

Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, we have blinked and it seems that summer is almost gone! These months have flown by. Here's a snippet of what July has involved...

Of course fireworks on the the 4th with family and friends. (Kevin just loved playing with the new camera, and props to my dad for being the photographer for the night!)

A new endeavor...the making of peach preserves with a good friend :)

And the most exciting part of all...the purchase of 2 acres!!!!

Of course the whole crew traipsed out there to check it out.

There are some glorious views, and I am itching to get out there and build!!!!

Everyone's in love with it...well everyone but our oldest! He freaks out about ticks and bees and flies bigger than a dime and basically anything that buzzes or sucks blood. Poor guy...wonder how he will adjust to country life?
We close August 9th, and I am anxious to have that behind us!! Say a prayer that everything will go smoothly!!