Thursday, April 21, 2011


OK, so when April rolls around, things start to get REALLY busy!!! Spring Break preperation, state testing, Spring fever, Spring cleaning, wardrobe overhaul (for 5 people!!)...on and on the list goes. And unlike the typical American family, our children aren't involved in sports-so I can't even IMAGINE how extra crazy that would make life!

Let's rewind briefly to Spring Break...

Some girlfriends and I left the husbands and children at home and scadaddled (not really sure how to spell that!) down to the beach!! It was a fantastic time of sitting on the beach or by the pool relaxing with a good book and great company!

The only bad thing was coming home and immediately getting sick...some crazo sinus thing that had me in bed for 2 days with a fever of 101 and a cough that lasted for over 2 weeks!

Fast forward to the present, and my tan is gone and I'm afraid my mellow attitude went with it! It's state testing time which stresses out students AND teachers!!! But there's a ray of sunshine peaking through called the last day of school. It will be upon us before we know it :)

Have a fantastic weekend, and remember when you are celebrating Easter...HE AROSE!!! OUR GOD LIVES.