Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anybody out there?

Hello stranger!  Is anyone still out there???

Well, summer is officially here !!  My brain feels like it can finally sigh and relax.  The stress of school hasn't quite fully left my body, but it's diminishing- and for that I'm thankful!

This summer won't be one full of lazy days by the pool.  No sir!  Life has certainly been different since Kevin picked up a 2nd job- part time at Sears.  So this summer will be momma and three boys at home (or at the pool), while daddy is bringing home the extra bacon! 

Since I will be flying solo a lot this summer, I plan to work intensely with my boys on their academics.  I've gathered up a lot of resources off of Pinterest, from my school, and the web.  I know every day won't be easy, but I know in the end it will be worth it :). 

Kevin won't be working 40 hours a week this summer, so there will still be some family pool time, late night fires, bike rides, and camping trips!  He is going to be off Monday, and for that family time I am eternally grateful.

No post would be complete without the mention of running!!!!!  I can't even update you on all that has happened since January.  But let me tell you the biggest thing...I. AM. A. MARATHONER!  Yes folks, I completed my first 26.2 on April 27th.  That race deserves a blog post of it's own.

Maybe I can post again before another 6 months flies by~  Stay tuned!