Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can someone please tell me what has happened? 
I had a tiny baby boy.  Then a toddler.  Shortly thereafter he started preschool, then kindergarten.  I turn around, and now he is graduating 5th grade. He will start Jr. high school on August 2nd.  He will no longer be in the same building as his brothers.  A piece of my heart will be in the 6th grade.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Y'all I got a case of the apathies.  And yes, that is now a real word.  To be more frank, darling I don't give a damn.  That's right.  Strangely, and thankfully, it only extends to school.  I could care less that my alarm goes off and I should get up and get ready for school.  I could care less that testing is over today.  I could care less that I am taking 22 3rd graders to Beech Bend tomorrow.  I. could. care. less. people.  I am so over this thing called school year 2011-2012.

Give me a couple months off to sit by a pool, soak up some with my out I PROMISE, I'll come back 100% refreshed and recharged!  But until that happens, the apathies are taking over.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

State Testing = Torture

Yes, that is a did you know?

We just finished day 2 of testing.   And. I. want. to. jump. off. a. bridge. into. oncoming. traffic.  NO JOKE!  Y'all it's rough.  Obviously idiots came up with the whole state testing idea.  Obviously.  

It is also very clear that I am dramatic.  This is the pic I sent my hubby of me on day 1.  You should have seen the kids...hardee har har!

In other news- I am trying to figure out how to up my mileage to 30 miles a week.  I'd really like to get in 5 & 6 mile runs during the week, but the whole "job" thing is getting in the way.  I'm hoping with summer right around the corner, I can make that dream a reality.  I know you all are super concerned about that. 

Also, here's a bunch of random stuff that I think you should know...

1. Alex's b-day party is Saturday.  Nothing is done for it.  I have only bought the cake mix and frosting.
2. My bank account is sad :-(.
3. Summer is RIIIIIIGHT around the corner.
4. Our vacation is RIIIIGHT around the corner.
5. Testing sucks.
6. I would like to move.
7. I would also like a new wardrobe.
9. Waking up at 5:00 am is getting OOOOOLLLLLDDDD.
10. I don't really have anything else, but I had to end on an even number :-)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  TGIF y'all!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Flying Pig 10K

printradius 26665 Jennifer Johnson F 30-34 276 15/292 80/1719 53:41 8:40

Can you make any sense of that mumbo jumbo?  Well, it's the results for my very first 10K race (yes, I have ran a half marathon and not a 10K-until Saturday that is!)!!!  Let me break it down for you-  out of 2,598 people I came in 276th place.  There were 292 people in my age division (30-34) and I came in 15th.  There were 1,719 females and I came in 80th.  My overall pace was 8:40 with a finishing time of 53:41. 

Now, I beg to differ with their timing system.  My Nike app had me at an 8:06 pace with a 51:06 finish time.  It also had the course being 6.6 miles instead of 6.2.  

Regardless, I am happy with those results!!!  It was a fun weekend spent with my brother and sister in law.  Wish we would've had more time, and a few more pics.  Enjoy!