Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's Happening Around Here

Lots of things have been happening around here...

First of all...remember my last post? Well, by Thursday night almost all the schools within a 50 mile radius were called off, much to my husband's delight. Now us BG City folks weren't yet, much to my delight (y'all there's too much to do now that testing is looming around the corner). All this changed by the time I woke up...BG was off much to my dismay. So-in anticipation of being stuck in the house with 4 males, I thought we should make a purchase. (Mom, dad, you can stop reading now :) Here's the first clue...
Ready for another?

Still ya go.

Ding, Ding, Ding folks we have a winner! Yes, we purchased a Wii along with some games.
Let's review some comprehension skills. The picture above is the cause...and the pictures below are the effects.
It's been worth it husband and I now have something to threaten the children with...uh...I mean we tell them what we want them to do and then give them the consequence if they don't do it. Of course now the consequence is no Wii time. It's worked out quite nicely.

In other news...I went out with my friend Amy yesterday. We always have a good time together, whether we are at school or bopping around town. It's nice to have good friends. So, yesterday we went out and just browsed around for different things. Well we ended up at T.J. Maxx, which I thought was harmless...until I saw the clearance rack. The good news is that I didn't spend over $10 for an item...the bad news is...well, in my opinion there is no bad news. So this is what my closet looks like- For those of you disbelievers, here's the proof that I didn't spend over $10 on anything.

Oh, it makes my heart pound a little faster to go look through my closet. Yes, I know I have an issue. Happy snow day to you and yours!

**Thank you to my 5 followers. It makes me smile to think that someone else likes to read this**

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

White Stuff

It's amazing what a stir these white flakes can cause! Individually they are not a threat...but put them together in a swirling, twirling dance and all bets are off! My students turn crazy when they spy these white flakes floating down. I actually had to close my blinds earlier this week...geezy peezy! Now my husband has caught the snow fever. He stayed up until midnight looking at all the different radar and weather maps wistfully hoping for another day (or three) off school. Fingers are crossed in anticipation that we'll wake up Friday to a blanket of snow. (Don't worry, I'm very realistic...and know that us city folks will be in session.) If we're going to get some...I'd like to have the picture below-that's not asking for much right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It hit me tonight as I was listening to voicemail RSVP' son is turning SIX. It seemed like yesterday I was in the hospital (for two weeks!!!!) with him...holding his tiny body...listening to his tiny preemie these six years have held. I thank God every day for my loveable Landen.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Cleaning...

Something must be in the water...I think this is the cleanest my kitchen has been in a long time! I do feel a sense of accomplishment, and think it's best that I stop while I'm ahead :)

In other news, our middle son is having a birthday party this Saturday. This is how I found him this morning after breakfast...browsing the Lego catalog. Watch out Grandma...he's got his eye on a lot!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Call Me Clean!

I have never been one to clean. Don't get me wrong, we don't live in filth...just organized chaos! Guess I favor my dad in that area. I like to think his office and our house kinda go together. My mom on the other hand, is a clean machine! So today, I woke up and embodied her clean spirit. Here's the proof...
I show you the lamp because I have NEVER cleaned a lampshade before...and I have NEVER noticed how yucky they can get! So, now our bed is made, our furniture is shining, and our living room is picked up. How long do you give it? Maybe an hour until it's back to chaos!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whew! What a's almost too much to write about. It was filled with rehearsing, decorating, driving, getting "beautified", and sharing an important moment in life with the people I love.

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