Saturday, October 15, 2011

Medical Center 5K

My alarm went off at 6:20 this morning...this Saturday morning mind you...anyone see anything wrong with that?!?!?!?!? Believe it or not, but I was already awake and jumped out of bed the first second I heard it. Sounds even stranger huh?

Today was RACE DAY! My second 5K :-) It was a chilly morning-around 52-but the sun was shining and a slight breeze was blowing. I was a little disappointed with how they had us line was a 5K that allowed either running or walking and they herded everyone together. I spent the first .5 mile maneuvering around walkers...YIKES! I think it hurt my pace a little, and it was definitely ANNOYING! But overall it was a really good race and I thoroughly enjoyed the course-down hill to the finish line...can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!! Pace-9:11 mile. I know the clock had 28 on it, but sadly I didn't catch the last two digits :-( . My parents left for the beach last night and I didn't have my trusty dad with me to snap a pic of the clock as I came bummer. I was pretty happy with it all, and totally felt like I could have kept running.

After the race, I went home to rouse my sleeping crew and get our youngest ready for the Children's Classic. Alex was super pumped!!! He did a fantastic job, and everyone had a good time! They especially loved running on WKU's football field!

I'm pumped because I have my next 2 RACES already lined up! I registered for the Monster Dash 5K (10-28), and an autism run (4 miler 10-29). The Monster Dash has a fun 1 mile trick or treat option that the boys are excited about, and I'm excited about having my family see me cross the finish line!!!

Happy running folks!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Running Has Taken Over My Life...

Ok, so this is basically my thought process on a daily basis-When can I run? What am I doing today, and when will I run? Do I want to run around the neighborhood, run to the water park, or drive to a park? Every time I make plans in the back of my mind is...when am I going to run and is this going to throw off my run schedule? A little psychotic huh???

I've been reading two runner's blogs (here, and here) and they have both completed marathons...WOWZERS! Talk about an inspiration!!! After reading their blogs for awhile, I have decided to begin training for a half-marathon...that makes my heart beat a little faster. No, I don't have a race lined up for February (when my 12 week training will be over) but those are small details we can iron out later. I am just SUPER pumped about upping my mileage and having a substantial goal to work towards. Training will begin after my 5K this weekend. I'll keep you updated :-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well Hello There!

Howdy! Is anyone still out there??? I've been away from bloggerland for much to long I know. But life has been very full and fun :-) I would love to share with you tons of pictures of what we've been doing around here, but that isn't going to happen. Really things around here have been pretty mundane. What's our schedule like...glad you asked. Let me break it down for you;
Monday: Leave house at 7:12 drop kids off at school, go to work, teach all day, leave school by 4:30, home, change, gather kids up, wait for hubby, off to gym to spin for an hour, home by 6:45, eat dinner/homework/shower, get kids in bed, fall asleep on couch.
Tuesday: Repeat
Wednesday: Leave house at 7:12 drop kids off at school, go to work, teach all day, faculty meeting after school, get home by 5:00, eat dinner, head to church at 6:30, home by 8:00, shower/get kids ready for bed, fall asleep in bed!
Thursday:Leave house at 7:12 drop kids off at school, go to work, teach all day, pick kids up from school, hang out/play/read/homework, run when hubby gets home, eat dinner/shower, get kids in bed.
Weekends are our sanctuary of chill time together (with runs and gym visits packed in). So, you can see it's pretty busy around here...God bless you if you are still reading :-)'s Fall break this week and that schedule above is null and void! So far we've done a lot of hanging out, cleaning up, working out, and just enjoying the beautiful weather and time together!! We are leaving Thursday for Cincinnati to visit my brother and are excited! That should be a fun time! Hopefully I'll have pictures next time. Happy fall y'all!!