Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful part 2

 Here are some more things that are rattling through my head that I am extremely thankful for!!!
  • Situations that bring us closer to God.  
  • Situations that remind us that we need to be in a state of prayer at all times.
  • Situations that remind us that this world is NOT our home.  We weren't made for any of this world- nothing that is has to offer, none of its drama, none of the things we accumulate, etc.
  • Normalcy- however crazy normal might be!
  • Friday evening long runs that start off with friends, have quiet contemplation time in the middle, and end reconnecting with my friends!
  • Saturday mornings spent in pajamas with coffee and my family.  
  • Saturdays where I don't have to continuously watch the clock because we have to be somewhere at a certain time.
  • Friends that check in on you to make sure you are ok.
  • Family that checks in on you to make sure you are ok.
  • Planning Christmas lists.
  • Making plans for the Thanksgiving holiday!!!!

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